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OS3 Digital Platform

OS3 Digital Platform is the core technology underpinning all of our solution types and has already been proven with vertical industry solutions in both the telecoms sector, focusing on Operation Support Systems (OSS), and in Connected Health.  During the last year, the technology has also been used in relation to claims for the insurance sector in North America.  Built with a microservices architecture, the platform is highly configurable, thereby facilitating a range of adaptable solutions for many industry applications.

The OS3 Digital Platform utilises many of the concepts and standards found within the TM Forum, particularly in relation to its underlying data modelling being compliant with the Information Framework – Shared Data Model (SID).  Using this approach, OS3 has two main enterprise level solution offerings, both of which are built upon the OS3 Digital Platform.

The first enterprise level solution is OS3 Connected.  This is designed from the ground up for telecommunications clients, or where telecommunication Operation Support System (“OSS”) capabilities are needed by other clients to support their planned connected propositions (e.g. telematics-based insurance, connected home or connected health based offerings).

The second enterprise level solution is OS3 Propositions.  This is typically for enterprise clients (including our own OS3 Care Approved brand) who are looking to leverage a brand to gain individual wallet-share and increase customer loyalty.  This is achieved by providing a technology enabled service offering to form broader or combined propositions across a range of industries, including but not limited to insurance online and offline sales and service.  This could for example be a combined proposition that encompasses a customer’s household insurance, multiple car cover, alarm monitoring, energy supply, telecoms and travel insurance, priced as a single proposition, but with the flexibility to add additional elements as and when they come up for renewal.  This combined proposition would take into consideration the total value of the customer, and behavioural aspects of the customer some of which would potentially be monitored using OS3 Connected.

To facilitate this approach for the telecoms sector, Philip Brooks, previously OS3’s Chief Strategy Officer for the telecoms sector, has now fully transitioned from this role so that he may concentrate full time on his new role as Chief Executive Officer for one of our key business partners in this sector.  This key partner is already successfully working with OS3 to promote the OS3 Digital Platform and our OS3 Connected enterprise solutions around the globe.  This business partner based approach allows OS3 to directly focus on the areas identified during our strategic review as having the highest growth potential and greatest potential profits for our investors, whilst also ensuring prior investments are still leveraged to the benefit of all stakeholders, including our telecoms clients.

This approach has increased short term profitability whilst reducing revenue (previously confirmed as not being a KPI for OS3), as OS3 now may only account for our margin on software and services to our partner in this sector.  Implementations for a number of top-tier telecoms clients are underway, resulting in our partner already achieving a multi-million pound run rate of revenues per annum, purely associated with OS3 based solutions.

OS3 Out the Box solutions are cloud Software as a Service (“SaaS”) based solutions typically for Small to Medium Enterprise (“SME”) clients operating in a particular area of an industry ecosystem such as: clinics, auto body shops, property repair or trades where a SaaS based solution paid monthly, potentially tied to volume or usage, is most appropriate.  These solutions require little implementation support and will therefore, unlike enterprise solutions, be sold and implemented directly by OS3.  They will be made available to SME clients with a 30 day free trial, followed by an online subscription sign up.

For example, the OS3 Clinics Out the Box solution is already planned to be rolled out during 2019 to approximately 30 clinics, as an initial reference group in Canada.  This will be part of a wider integrated and managed network of rehabilitation clinics under our Healkore brand, which forms part of OS3 Care Approved.

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Care Approved

Care Approved or OS3 Care Approved is the brand used by OS3 for its consumer sales, service and broking based operations.  These will include offerings in insurance, telecoms, utilities, health, and others, as well as key areas of their related supply chains such as property and auto insurance claims.  These offerings will lead into the provision of services either directly or indirectly for: accident helplines (consumer support services such as claims management companies), vehicle repair (body shops), vehicle hire (credit hire services), medical reports (doctors), rehabilitation services (clinics) and legal services (lawyers) as applicable in each territory in which the Care Approved brand will operate.